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Here at IDEA Academy the student is our main priority and focus. From the doorstep, students are meticulously guided by experienced professionals throughout the process of discovering their next academic pursuit that will define their future career development. Moreover, our drive to continuously improve means that the student needs are always met with utmost innovation and excellency.

Industry-driven experience

All our courses are industry-driven and gear students with practical tools and knowledge that will make them ready to tackle their field head on. These courses are led by our team of hand-picked lecturers that bring along their baggage full of industry knowledge and experience that further ground our courses into industry.

Individual care

At IDEA Academy you’re not just another number. We pride ourselves in the ability to assist each individual studying at our institute in all academic needs. Each student has access to our dedicated training specialists and mentors which are determined to see our students achieve their academic and career goals.

Four years ago, I decided to take up studying again since I was feeling stuck in my career. The journey to my degree started when I took up an Award Training Programme. It struck me how the team at ILMI took a different approach to learning providing excellent lecturers and always mentoring my personal development. I therefore decided to read a Higher Diploma in HR Management and Development. Today, I am proud to be a first-year student for an M.Sc. in Management.
I strongly believe that one can never stop learning, both for personal and career improvement. I strongly recommend ILMI to anyone who is looking to pursue their studies because they are truly committed to see their students flourish.

Flavio VassalloM.Sc. in Management Student

Having worked in an HR environment for a number of years led me to explore ways on how I can always contribute to the organisation in which I work and understand the needs of my colleagues. At IDEA Academy I found experts in the field who helped me relate my work experience to understand recognised HR principles and adapt them to my every day work to achieve better results.

Joshua MerciecaManaging Partner, EFQ Management Consultants

I highly recommend IDEA Academy. Their staff support you through all your academic needs in a very friendly, helpful and efficient manner. Moreover, the expertise of the lecturers adds insight and industry-based knowledge which surely enhances the value of the course.

Oriana MizziManaging Partner, EFQ Management Consultants

The support and help offered by the staff at IDEA Academy is great and surely differentiates them from other institutions. Another distinguishing feature is their industry-rich experience that allows them to equip their courses with real-world, practical scenarios that add depth to what you're learning.

Rosalie DegiorgioManaging Partner, EFQ Management Consultants

Accredited Qualifications

MQF level 4

Award (4-6 Credits ECTS)

MQF level 5

Award (4-6 Credits ECTS)

Certificate (30 Credits ECTS)

Diploma (60 Credits ECTS)

Higher Diploma (120 Credits ECTS)

MQF level 6

Award (4-6 Credits ECTS)

Bachelor of Science (60 ECTS Credits)

MQF level 7

Award (4-6 Credits ECTS)

Master of Science (90 Credits ECTS)

Training Programmes

Tailored for both individuals & companies

40+ Available Programmes

Training Programmes

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Over the years, we are proud to have assisted major players in the industry to meet their training needs.

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