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B.Sc. in Human Resource Management

Start Date


27 Months

Excluding Holidays



MQF Lvl 6

180 ECTS

Course Modules

27 Modules

26 Compulsory

2 Electives

1 Dissertation


€ 12,500

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

  • a qualification at MQF level 4 (one ‘A’ level or equivalent in any subject); and
  • a pass in English language and Mathematics at MQF level 3 (‘O’ level or equivalent).

Preference will be given to prospective students having 1 year work experience related to the study programme.

Do you meet these required prerequisites?

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HDHR5_18.2_1_6 Principles of Human Resources Management

HDHR5_18.2_2_6 Strategic Human Resource Management

HDHR5_18.2_3_6 Effective HR Management

HDHR5_18.2_4_6 General Management Issues related to HR

HDHR5_18.2_5_6 Recruitment, Resourcing and Talent Planning

HDHR5_18.2_6_6 Motivation in the Workplace

HDHR5_18.2_7_6 Employee Commitment at Work

HDHR5_18.2_8_6 Structuring and Managing Organisations

HDHR5_18.2_9_6 Managing People

HDHR5_18.2_10_6 Organisational Development

HDHR5_18.2_11_6 Training and Development

HDHR5_18.2_12_6 Knowledge Management and the Learning Organisation

HDHR5_18.2_13_6 Setting a Performance Management Programme

HDHR5_18.2_14_6 Employee Appraisal

HDHR5_18.2_15_6 Rewarding Employees

HDHR5_18.2_16_6 Managing Industrial Relations

HDHR5_18.2_17_6 Developing Collective Agreements

HDHR5_18.2_18_6 Negotiating and Collective Bargaining

HDHR5_18.2_19_6 HR in the Global Scenario

HDHR5_18.2_20_6 HR in the 21st Century

BSHR6_19.2_1_6 Assessing and Evaluating Jobs

BSHR6_19.2_2_6 Developing HR Management Systems

BSHR6_19.2_3_6 HR in the Public Service

BSHR6_19.2_4_6 HR as Tool for Change Management

BSHR6_19.2_5_6 Work Psychology

How can knowledge in psychology help to make one a berter HR manger, employee or employer? This module will examine the ways that industrial and organisational psychology is applied in the workplace.
The module will also examine research methods used to improve employee well-being and organisational productivity in areas such as recruitment and selection, training, leadership, motivating employees, managing performance, and job analysis.

BSHR6_19.2_6_6 Introduction to Research Methods

BSHR6_19.2_7_6 The Effects of New Sociology Trends on HR (Elective Module)

BSHR6_19.2_8_6 Managing Cultural Diversity in HR Context (Elective Module)


The dissertation is a compulsory element of the BSc in Human Resources Management.
The aim of it is to produce an original piece of research work on a clearly defined topic. Additionally, it is to enable the student to develop deeper knowledge, understanding, capabilities and attitudes in the context of the programme of study.