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Bespoke Training

BPCM: Training in Change Management


2 Weeks


Course Modules

4 Modules

4 Compulsory

2 Sessions / week

3 Hours / session


€ 250


BPCM 1: Defining Change: Different Models of Change
BPCM 2: Reacting to Change: Common Pitfalls of Change Management
BPCM 3: The Change Process: Initiating and Managing Change
BPCM 4: Introduction to Business Process Re-Engineering

Course Details

Who is this course for?

  • Leaders
  • Senior Managers

What are the course objectives & benefits?

By the end of the training programme, participants should be able to:

  • Engage best practices in leading change
  • Describe reactions to change
  • Identify strategies for helping change to be accepted and implemented in the workplace
  • Make a persuasive case for change to engage your team and stakeholders
  • Overcome resistance to change with effective communication tools
  • Use tools to measure and monitor change