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Higher Diploma in Human Resources Development & Management

Start Date


15 Months

Excluding Holidays



MQF Lvl 5

120 ECTS

Course Modules

20 Modules


€ 6,000

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

  • a qualification at MQF level 4 (one ‘A’ level or equivalent in any subject); and
  • a pass in English language and Mathematics at MQF level 3 (‘O’ level or equivalent).

Preference will be given to prospective students having 1 year work experience related to the study programme.

Do you meet these required prerequisites?

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HDHR5_18.2_1_6 Principles of Human Resources Management

HDHR5_18.2_2_6 Strategic Human Resource Management

HDHR5_18.2_3_6 Effective HR Management

HDHR5_18.2_4_6 General Management Issues related to HR

HDHR5_18.2_5_6 Recruitment, Resourcing and Talent Planning

HDHR5_18.2_6_6 Motivation in the Workplace

HDHR5_18.2_7_6 Employee Commitment at Work

HDHR5_18.2_8_6 Structuring and Managing Organisations

HDHR5_18.2_9_6 Managing People

HDHR5_18.2_10_6 Organisational Development

HDHR5_18.2_11_6 Training and Development

HDHR5_18.2_12_6 Knowledge Management and the Learning Organisation

HDHR5_18.2_13_6 Setting a Performance Management Programme

HDHR5_18.2_14_6 Employee Appraisal

HDHR5_18.2_15_6 Rewarding Employees

HDHR5_18.2_16_6 Managing Industrial Relations

HDHR5_18.2_17_6 Developing Collective Agreements

HDHR5_18.2_18_6 Negotiating and Collective Bargaining

HDHR5_18.2_19_6 HR in the Global Scenario

HDHR5_18.2_20_6 HR in the 21st Century