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Postgraduate Certificate in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Start Date


5 Months

Excluding Holidays


Start Date

MQF Lvl 7


Course Modules

5 Modules


€ 4,500

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

  • Level 6 Degree in a discipline related to the Study Programme; and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector covered by the Study Programme.
  • Level 5 Diploma or Higher Diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

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MSBC7_18.2_1_6 Introduction to Cryptocurrency

MSBC7_18.2_2_6 Principles of Disruptive Technology

MSBC7_18.2_3_6 Introduction to Blockchain Technology

MSBC7_18.2_4_6 Cryptocurrency in the Modern World

This module provides an important study of the effect of developed and developing countries towards financial markets. The underdevelopment of financial systems in several countries may hinder the overall growth of cryptocurrency technologies. During this module, world demographics and corresponding income systems will be critically evaluated and analysed. In addition, during the course of this module banking, finance, and money transfer systems will be discussed and a holistic understanding is promoted.

MSBC7_18.2_5_6 Regulation and Cryptocurrency

This module provides grounding in core theoretical concepts, principles and processes governments are incorporating towards digitalising of currency via blockchain. Participants will challenge, critique, analyse, evaluate and synthesise regulations associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain as a whole.
This module provides an overview of the evolution of financial legal systems. With the fast development of cryptocurrency, current regulatory systems face the need to be updated and re-articulated to adapt to the new changes.