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Postgraduate Certificate in Construction Management

Start Date


5 Months

Excluding Holidays


Start Date

MQF Lvl 7


Course Modules

5 Modules


€ 4,500

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

  • Level 6 Degree in a discipline related to the Study Programme; and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector covered by the Study Programme.
  • Level 5 Diploma or Higher Diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

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MSCM7_19.2_1 _6 Construction Project Management

MSCM7_19.2_2_6 Risk Management in Construction

MSCM7_19.2_3_6 Construction Project Procurement Management

MSCM7_19.2_4_6 Project Contract Management

MSCM7_19.2_5_6 Construction Contract Financial Management

This module provides students with the required financial knowledge of construction related project financing. Students will be guided to manage construction related project finance while applying modern management methods; project feasibility studies, discounted cash flow, life-cycle costing, project budgeting, earned value analysis The module will emphasize various methods of project financing as they apply to construction settings including Public Private Partnerships, Private Financing Initiatives and other financing models.