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Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management and Leadership

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5 Months

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Start Date

MQF Lvl 7


Course Modules

5 Modules


€ 4,500

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

  • Level 6 Degree in a discipline related to the Study Programme; and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector covered by the Study Programme.
  • Level 5 Diploma or Higher Diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

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MSHC7_17.2_1 _6 Managing Organisations and People

This module introduces learners to the management of people and organisational processes, with attention to the management practice in healthcare sector. It explores the functions of management and the critical role of effective human resource management and leadership of the business enterprise. Key managerial decisions covered include: effective teamwork, marketing, and the central role of leadership in all areas of the business enterprise. This module encompasses the functions and processes of management whilst providing opportunities to introduce organisational behaviour, human resource management, and cross-cultural management.

MSHC7_17.2_2_6 Leadership and Organisational Leadership Development

MSHC7_17.2_3_6 Change Management

Change can come in different forms, be it growth, investment, cut backs, restructuring, technological advancement and market fluctuations; it is inevitable and without change a company or business gets stuck in a rut and eventually dies. In today’s fast changing world, a manager needs to be constantly on the alert for these changes and to ensure to plan and foresee such changes. Technological advances have brought about many changes in the Healthcare industry, both in the provision of Healthcare services and the supply/sale of Healthcare products and pharmaceuticals.
Healthcare Managers must therefore have their ‘finger on the pulse’ and constantly look out for changes in trends and ways through which to improve their product or service provision. This module will equip the learners with information on how to manage change in their organisation, from communicating a new vision, objective or target to colleagues, teams and other relevant stakeholders, to planning, developing and implementing the changes in the organisation. It will also encourage them to develop skills in coping with negative reactions to change, overcoming obstacles and facing challenges within their own organisation by equipping them with various useful tools and techniques.

MSHC7_17.2_4_6 Managing Finance in Organisations

Learners will gain knowledge on the fundamentals of Managing Finance in Healthcare, the various sets of accounts they will require to draw up and use in their profession and management of various
types of Healthcare organisations and their purpose. They will be able to critically assess the nature of costs i.e. direct, indirect, sunk and opportunity costs whilst also gain knowledge on capital structure. Additionally, learners will comprehend the relationship between profit and cash flow in relation to a Healthcare organisation’s operations.

MSHC7_17.2_5_6 Operations Management

This module provides grounding in core theoretical concepts, principles and processes associated with operations management related to a healthcare organisation. Participants will challenge, critique, analyse, evaluate and synthesize ideas and concepts outlined below in the context of their healthcare organisations.