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Governance and Strategy

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MQF/EQF Level 7


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Prerequisites in detail

  • Critically analyse the market system, the way forward for nations and industries, and consequently evaluate the influence of market forces on corporate decision-making and public policy.
  • Define market structure and assess its impact on conduct and performance, through market power, mergers and alliances.
  • Examine alternative pricing policies and how they apply to particular organisational and/or industrial settings.
  • Understand how ethics and corporate social responsibility can contribute to the value of organisational competitiveness and long-term sustainability.ness plans.
  • Apply strategy theory to major local and international businesses.
  • Develop the ability to analyse the macroeconomic environment, including competitor analysis and incorporate it in your business strategy.
  • Be able to analyse a variety of organisations in both public and private sectors, using the appropriate tools in order to develop a coherent and effective strategic direction, which is analytically and ethically sound and operationally feasible.
  • Integrate the above in the creation process of business plans.

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must:

  • have a qualification accredited at MQF level 6; and
  • have 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector covered by the study programme;


  • have a diploma or Higher Diploma at MQF level 5 and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

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Malta / Gozo
€ 675