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Master of Science Module

The Art and Science of Gastronomy

Start Date


6 Weeks


Module Details

6 Sessions

3 Hours / session


MQF/EQF Level 7


€ 675

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By the end of the module, you would have learnt to

  • analyse issues in food studies and food systems in the hospitality sector;
  • appreciate the importance and authenticity of gastronomy and its role in the hospitality industry;
  • understand the theory and practice of gastronomy as a push and pull demand factor in travel and tourism;
  • value both local and foreign cuisine cultures;
  • assist in marketing hotels in specific areas where Halal, Kosher and, in particular, wellness foods are the main dishes;
  • acquire both tangible and intangible skills related to gastro-cultural traits and food preparation costings.

Prerequisites in detail

Candidates who apply must have a:

➢ Level 6 Degree and 3 years’ work experience

Preference is given to applicants having aLevel 6 Degree in a discipline related to the Study Programme; and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in management within the sector covered by the Study Programme.


➢ Level 5 Diploma or Higher Diploma and 5 years’ work experience in a supervisory or managerial role.

Do you meet these required prerequisites?

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Malta / Gozo
€ 675